Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a down payment required to book our wedding date?

Yes. There are two options: 50% down and 50% two weeks from your wedding day or 25% down, 50% at the half-way point and the remaining 25% two weeks from your wedding day.

Do we pick the songs or do you?

Simply put, no. Music and copyright laws are a tricky thing, which is why we as a business can only use commercially licensed music. We pick the songs for any videos that will be hosted online. Anything that is put to a DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Thumb Drive can be selected by you. 

What do you do on our wedding day?

Depending on your package, Liz and I will split off, Liz with the bride, and Jason with the groom. We start filming from the moment we arrive and generally stick around for about and hour of open dancing to ensure we have some fantastic shots of everyone dancing. 

Is editing included on all of the videos?

All work provided by L+J Films is professionally color graded, edited and audio engineered before it is posted to our website or committed to DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Thumb Drive.

Do you shoot all videos in High Definition? 

Of course! We film in full 1080p HD video. 

Will my video be available to view on mobile devices?

Yes. All videos posted to our website are automatically converted to be viewed on any mobile device.

Can I download the videos that are online?

Yes! All videos posted to the website are downloadable in full 1080P HD quality. 

What is your turn around time?

We pride ourselves on dedication to editing and not making you wait any longer than you have to. We will have your Sneak Peek or Highlight Video online within four days of your wedding day. Your Feature Film will be ready within seven to ten weeks. 

Do we get to view our Feature Film before you commit it to DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Thumb Drive?

Absolutely. We post a draft that is essentially a final edit for you to review one time in a private, password protected site in order to give us the final thumbs up before it is committed to hard copy. 

Are you willing to travel for our wedding?

Yes! We would love to capture your day, anywhere in the world! Please let us know where it is and we will work out a package to make it happen!

Do you provide the raw, unedited footage with your packages?

We do provide RAW, unedited footage upon request for a small fee do the sheer amount of data that needs transferred to a hard drive or flash drive.

What is the difference in quality between a DVD and a Blu-Ray DVD?

A standard DVD can only play 720p HD video where as a Blu-Ray DVD plays full 1080p HD video. We highly suggest upgrading to at least one Blu-Ray disc if you want to take advantage of full HD quality video and audio.