What people are saying! 


Nicole + Brandon - 4.2.2016

When we started to plan our wedding, we knew we wanted every moment of the day captured. When we met with Jason of L+J Films, we instantly knew we wanted him and Liz to do the job. They made us feel so comfortable the whole time! They sent us our highlight video while we were on our honeymoon and it was the perfect 4 min glimpse of the best day of our lives. The time, effort, and hard work they put into capturing our wedding did not go unnoticed. They have left us with the most beautiful memories of our wedding day that we will have forever. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Having them as a part of our day was one of the best decisions we made while planning our wedding!

Rachel + Nick - 10.10.2015

From the minute we met Jason, we knew he would be the perfect videographer for our wedding. He was professional, kind and incredibly easy to work with. Liz was exactly the same. They both made us feel so comfortable. Their packages are extremely reasonably priced for the end result. I know we were hesitant to even have a video, but after watching what they made for us I can't imagine not capturing our special day on video. They went above and beyond during the editing process and we are thrilled with the end results. They were timely in getting back to us and always professional. Would highly recommend Jason and Liz. I'm greatful to have such a wonderful video to remember that day forever.

Robin + Isaac - 7.11.2015

Liz + Jason surpassed our wildest dreams with our wedding video! Liz spent the morning with the ladies and Jason spent the morning with the guys. As soon as they showed up they began taking videos of everything from the wedding bands/rings, shoes, cuff-links and flowers...to my dress hanging on a tree branch in my front yard. I never would have thought to do that and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! As the ceremony went on they were running around like crazy trying to catch every possible moment they could...and they didn't miss anything! Their ability to put together clips with audio is amazing! Check out our video at https://vimeo.com/133634768. We HIGHLY recommend L + J Films to anyone in need of videography for any event!


Becky + John - 12.13.2014

Hiring Liz and Jason to be our videographers was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. When I started planning my wedding, I asked several of my friends who were married if they recommended a videographer. The responses I received were mixed. We decided to meet Liz and Jason to hear what they had to say, and I after our meeting, we decided to hire them and I am so thankful we did! Our highlight video is amazing, we actually got it while we were on our honeymoon and were grinning from ear to ear watching it (a few happy tears as well!). We love it and have received so many compliments on it! Liz and Jason were very professional and even went over and beyond what we ever expected. We received our full video a few days ago and I can't wait to watch it! I would highly recommend Liz and Jason!

Meghan + Evan - 10.11.2014

L + J Films was recommended by a very close family friend. When I contacted them, I wasn't sure how the distance would affect the finished product. You see, I live in northeast Ohio and L + J Films is based in Columbus. Both Liz and Jason were great at communicating and accommodating us. We actually hired them to handle our photography as well and the whole crew even came up to Medina square to take our engagement photos for us!

We actually just got our first edit for our wedding video last week and I can tell you that I am so glad that we found them. Our wedding day was so hectic and you really end up missing many special moments and small details. I was also very excited to see some of the special moments that I wasn't present for. I laughed out loud and even cried watching it. My wedding was only a month and a half ago, but it’s amazing how quickly you can begin to forget.

I can also tell you the quality of their video as well as their photographers are superb! The whole crew captured all of the important stuff as well as many great candid moments! 

I am so happy with our engagement and wedding photos as well. I have them displayed proudly all over our house and on my desk at work!

I highly recommend speaking with L + J Films if you are evening thinking about getting a Videographer, Photographer or both, for your special event. I can tell you it was a small price to pay for such special mementos.


Krista + Matt - 7.11.2014

Jason and Liz were amazing. From the very beginning, we knew they were the videographers to go with. They were so friendly and helpful We were not disappointed. People were commenting left and right about how nice Jason and Liz were. 3 days after our wedding, 3 DAYS, we had our highlight video and fell in love. I was skeptical about hiring a videographer but am so glad we did. Even happier that we went with L+J Films. Best decision of our entire wedding!

Leslie + Todd - 5.31.2014

We debated having a wedding videographer from the very beginning of our wedding planning process but after seeing our wedding highlight video, we couldn't be more happier that we hired Liz and Jason to capture our day! From the very beginning this couple was very personable and thorough. They met up with us to talk through things when we were considering hiring a videographer and after we booked them, they were AWESOME about answering emails and getting back to us regarding any questions and further details. 

On our wedding day, Liz and Jason fit right in. We hardly even noticed they were around. They showed up on time (even earlier!) and got right to work. One of the best parts was seeing how well they worked alongside our photographer. In addition, we got our highlight video back 3 days after our wedding!!!! They made sure to cater the video based on the details we really wanted to capture. Their work is truly beautiful and they could have not captured our day more perfectly. We have received so many compliments about our video!!!

As a bride, you want to be able to enjoy your day after months and months of planning, with L+J Films, I was able to do just that. Thank you L+J Films for capturing an incredible memory for us!


Courtney + Brian - 10.5.2013

I cannot even begin to say enough great things about Liz and Jason! They were absolutely amazing to work with on our wedding day. From start to finish, they were extremely organized, comfortable to be around and so much fun! We have received an abundance of compliments on our beautiful highlight video that they put together all within 3 days of our wedding. You would have never even known how chaotic the day really was behind the scenes...not to mention the fact that we have no idea how they got some the shots they did because we barely even noticed they were there! I know some brides may be questionable about hiring a videographer, but I would 100% recommend it. That day goes by so quickly that you barely notice things going on around you. Liz and Jason were able to capture several of those special moments! I would refer any future brides to L&J Films as we had nothing but an absolutely pleasant experience working with them!


Brittany + Jason - 9.28.2013

Liz and Jason were truly AMAZING. They were so professional and made us feel so comfortable the whole day. Its not every day you have a camera following you around. I am so very impressed with our highlight video and we are very eager to see the whole video when it is finished! I highly recommend them! Their work is worth the money spent. If you are looking for a videographer they are who you should book, you won't be disappointed!


Destiny + Jon - 8.24.2013

We wanted our wedding video to be artistic, not the documentary style. When we saw the sample videos for L + J Films, we knew we had to meet with them. Out of the handful of videographers we met, they had the best offering for us. We ended up adding the Highlight Video prior to the wedding and are thrilled that we did. It's a great way to share the day with friends and family that couldn't be there. Liz and Jason were very professional and easy to work with all along the way, including filming us getting ready in two different locations. Then we saw the Highlight Video while on our honeymoon. It is absolutely beautiful. Everyone we've shown it to is amazed by it. People have literally been brought to tears watching it and sometimes even without the sound. We love this preview and can't wait to see the full length video. We highly recommend L + J Films if you're looking for an artistic style video.


Katie + Tyler - 8.10.2013

Everyone told me our day would fly by and I would hardly remember it. I knew I wanted to get a videographer to capture all the moments so I could re-live them. My expectations were completely blown when we got our highlight video back (not to mention, 3 days after the wedding).
Liz and Jason were willing to drive 2 hours to the middle of nowhere to capture our day. Thinking they would need some guidance during the day, they didn't ask one question and got around just fine on their own. They captured all the great moments and we didn't even notice they were there. 
We couldn't be more happy that we chose them to capture our day and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Liz & Jason!!


Meg + Jace - 7.6.2013

My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a videographer but a friend's advice really made the decision for us. She said, "Your wedding day goes so fast and when the day is done, all you have left are your pictures and video." She could not have been more right- I would HIGHLY recommend using a videographer for your wedding and not just any videographer, but L + J Films. Liz and Jason are a married couple and they make a wonderful team. Jason went out of his way to meet with me and my mom before signing the contract and that just set the tone for their amazing service. My husband and I went with the Total Package, which included a same-day edit video (you should do this!). Our guests gave us SO many compliments on the same-day edit and it brought us both to tears. They also had our 6 minute highlight video ready for us within days after our wedding. They are so accommodating and easy to work with- you would be missing out if you didn't hire L + J Films for your wedding!


Kristen + Galen - 6.27.2013

My husband and I live out of state so when looking for a Columbus videographer I wasn't sure who I should go with. After everything is said and done I want to give a HUGE thank you to Jason and Liz. They are amazing people and are awesome to work with. They worked with our crazy schedules and helped us capture the rain and shine on our wedding day, something we will cherish for years to come. I would recommend Liz and Jason over and over again!

Megan + Eric - 6.21.2013

Liz and Jason were a dream to work with. We didn't even notice they were there! They worked smoothly with the photographer and were very flexible. They did an amazing job capturing every little detail of our beautiful day.

Mollie + Chris - 6.1.2013

We were so lucky to have Liz and Jason do our wedding video. We were unsure if we wanted to use a videographer in the beginning, and now after seeing the final video, we are so happy we did. We didn't even notice Liz and Jason around, and they were able to capture everything without ever bothering anyone. We are so happy with how everything turned out and can't stop watching our video. If you're on the fence about adding this to your wedding, I can't stress enough how happy we are. The day flies by so quickly, and with Liz and Jason's beautiful work, we are able to always remember every moment.


Shannon + Thomas - 10.20.2012

Such a pleasure to work with Liz and Jason. Very professional and fun to work with. The video was amazing, it was so well done. They gave us everything we wanted. Highly recommend them for any occasion.


Heather + Ricki - 7.28.2012

Without a doubt Liz and Jason's same day edit was one of the best parts of our wedding. I did not cry throughout the entire ceremony but seeing what they created and captured in just such a short time brought tears to my eyes. They truly captured the beauty of our love and every one at our reception was amazed by the same day edit. Almost immediately after we watched it at our reception several of our guests were asking for their cards for someone they knew that had an upcoming wedding. I would recommend them for anyone, they were so warm and kind from the beginning of the day which for our wedding was 8 am til the end of the night 10 pm. I could not have asked for a better couple to capture our wedding. Within a few weeks we received our wedding video and i was SO grateful all of the little details I couldn't remember were there and so much more. I know we will re watch the video every year on our anniversary. What a great couple for a reasonable price. This a must have for your wedding!!!


Julie + Blake - 5.26.2012

L+J Films did an outstanding job on our wedding video. I received so many comments on how great the same day edits were and how they were able to turn around the video within hours to show at the dinner reception. I'm really glad we went with a cheaper photographer and made room in our budget for the videography because they were able to capture shots that the photographer missed. The HD video has captured our perfect wedding day and will be a lasting memory of our special day. Thanks so much!


Kristal + Todd - 7.23.2011

Liz and Jason did our wedding last summer. They arrived at my mom's house so we could include my bridal party getting ready. They caught all the important moments of our wedding. They were so professional, helpful and creative. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommended them for any couple to remember their big day!