Cinema Team

L+J Films is the husband and wife team of Liz (L) and Jason (J). We've been married for going on 7 years and have two beautiful children, Londyn and Hudson. We are expecting our 3rd child in the middle of May 2016 and it's going to be a surprise! We chose to not find out what our last kiddo will be! 

We have been working together on various projects ranging from commercial work, traditional and multi-cultural weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras, anniversaries, business meetings and more. We have a ton of experience packed up between the two of us but we love weddings the best. It gives us an opportunity to be with couples on the happiest day of their lives and create a memorable story on film from our time with them.  

We'd love to grab a cup of coffee, ice cream, beer, cocktails, whatever you'd like and learn about your story, what makes your relationship special, and how we can capture that uniqueness and put into a film that you can watch over and over. 

Wedding Videographer - Liz


Favorite color - Neon Pink (not hot pink, NEON pink)

Favorite book - Divergent

Favorite TV show - Modern Family

Favorite drink - Caramel Frappe

Favorite season and reason - Fall - Fun outdoor activities

Things I enjoy - Time with family, being active and adventurous outdoors and vacations

Favorite activity - Anything that is a competition!

Things I dislike - 99% of all condiments (coffee creamer, Splenda and honey mustard are a must!)

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Wedding Videographer - Jason


Favorite color - Purple

Favorite book - The Way of the Shadows Trilogy (Nerd)

Favorite TV show - Game of Thrones

Favorite drink - White Out Mountain Dew

Favorite season - Fall - Football and the best weather

Things I enjoy - Video Games, anything outdoors, running, time with my family and craft beer (ask me anything)

Favorite activity - Trip to the park for a picnic. Classic and never gets old.

Things I dislike - Most vegetables, terrible drivers and bees.


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Phone: 419-356-0631